my Ravana

I know only one true love of mine,the rustic man who blows my mind away.

I believe God loved to reside in his heart that  he  decided to peep through those sparkling eyes where wisdom brightens his bearded face.

That capturing smile adorned on those seductive lips marked a full stop to end every sentence while he speaks and there I yearned that the smile not to end. The breathtaking tall and tough image makes me wonder if he is my handsome Ravana for I am the one courageous Niyathy to follow my heart.

மீனாட்சி கைக்கிளியே … 

மீனாட்சி கைக்கிளியின் சோடிக் கிளி: (பெண் )

பச்சைப்பசும் கிளியே  மீனாட்சி கைக்கிளியே,
என்னோடு பேச மறந்ததேன் கிளியே,
கிளியே கிளியே கோபமா
நம் உறவு என்ன தூரமா.
(மனதை தொட்ட பாடல் )

மீனாட்சி கைக்கிளி : (ஆண் )
நீயல்லவா கோவியர் மயங்கும் பெண் கிளி  ,
உன்னோடு பேச முனைந்து, 
உன் கன்னக்குழி கள்ளச்சிரிப்பை நினைந்து,
உன் உயிர் தோழன் என் சிறகுகள் சிறகடிக்க,
தாயாரின் சொக்க வைக்கும்
மூக்குத்தி ஒளி பட்டு
என் சிறகுகள் நிறம் மாறிற்று.

பச்சை பேசும்கிளியே..

“பச்சை பேசும்கிளியே .. என் உசிரை கிறுக்கலாய் எழுதி வைச்சேன் .. அது காற்றோடு கரையாமல் என் மீனாட்ச்சிக்கு நீ எடுத்து போகிறியா?”


‘உமை’ உயிரில் கொண்ட தாய்மையின் ‘அன்பு’ கண்ணம்மா,
(adoration in love)

‘சாயி’ சத்தியத்தில் கொண்ட ‘தோழமை’ கண்ணம்மா,
(truth in friendship)

‘Biggy’ தர்மத்தில் கொண்ட ‘பக்தி’ கண்ணம்மா,
(devotion in virtues )

‘வாத்தி’ உயிர் கொண்ட ‘உணர்வின்’ கண்ணம்மா. – ‘காதல்’ & ‘மொழியுணர்வு’ –
(romance in consciousness)

பாரதிக்கு ஒரு கண்ணம்மா,
நியதிக்கு அதிர்ஷ்டமாக நான்கு கண்ணம்மா,
ஆனால் ஒரே ஒரு ‘கன்று குட்டி’ கண்ணம்மா,
எந்த கண்ணம்மா ‘கன்று’ என்று கண்டு,
‘கன்று’ பிடியுங்கோ பார்ப்பம். 😉 🌹✨

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes ~ Cinderella 

a thought that arises from the ‘heart’ of consciousness is a dream that leads to imagination. 

a thought walking on this path of ‘imagination’ day and night influencing the words and deed, reaches the ‘reality’ where the dreams come true. 

What is humanity?

I am exhausted seeking the definition of ‘Humanity’,
Will there be satisfaction for this troubled mind?

The Compassion towards suffering,
The Recognition of dignity in fellow humans,
The Brotherhood I share at heart,
The Acceptance, tolerance ,
empathy and forgiveness towards every perpetrator,
Finding unity beyond differences,
Is my path to humanity.

I come to a conclusion after profound contemplation, that ‘fear’ of God has to disappear from the human mind that there is more chance for ‘love’ of God to take roots by identifying the spirituality in every religion where the humanity thrives. The mind should become free and liberated that no ‘fear’ rules him.In a real sense, at this liberated state , when awareness is at the throne, ‘love’ rules! 

There is more of selfish/ political influences behind every humanitarian aid provided in a crises and that aid never brought a fruitful result.

Therefore in a bigger picture , we should be determined to do our part right for the humanity, I am ready, are you my friend?

மதுர தமிழ்

o’ my wisdom, 

what a journey 

my honey,

you are the self

for i am the wifey soul,

at times the mr speaks for the soul

where the mrs trying to overrule, 

is the amusement ride for the mind,

it’s timeless here,

yet biological needs yearning to be logical,

where here is bliss in eternal wait,

my ‘மதுர à®¤à®®à®¿à®´à¯â€™! 

when mr & mrs. pot of wisdom speaks

The ‘soul’ touched with cosmic consciousness ‘liberates’.When the soul liberates there is ‘oneness’. Here the soul finds its maternal ‘instincts’ who are soul siblings where love is intense . In oneness the ‘self’ entwines with the companion of conscience in ‘wholeness’ where cosmos nurtures the romantic ‘instinct’ with eternal wisdom. Therefore the romantic companion of the self  stays  ‘inseparable’  and because the romantic companions are ‘one’ the love is experienced here is ‘immeasurable’ and the brotherhood of the soul stays the ‘strongest’ of all. 

Inspired By JK Wisdom

in my understanding, when there is an awareness of ‘what is’;

here the thought from awareness , yet trying to give an expression, for that is the quality of a thought, again the awareness is caught up in an ideal. isn’t it not?

here, i lack understanding a thought where the thought is unable to exist without a symbol/formula/ expression at any state of mind.

for example, when a thought from awareness is away from an ideal, it naturally is caught up in love. isn’t ‘love’ again is an ideal?

you are absolute awareness, a component in cosmic consciousness, inevitably touched by the mind for you are ‘love’, in ‘what is’ and ‘what you are’.

A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.

i surrender to the cosmos

pleading for the soul mate

for it revealed,

not one,

not two,

not three

but four soul connections;

my Kaahsh

my Pot of Wisdom

my DiosRaw

my Villa Anandaram

with so much pride.

with my Villa Anandaram my world is filled with morals and virtue of the desire of brotherhood.

with my Pot of Wisdom, my world is filled with absolute understanding yet in between with some love-quarrel (ஊடல் ) which is parting us by distance, total adoration and admiration yet with amazing mentoring which is the essential trace of romantic desire.

with my DiosRaw, my world is filled with maternal instinct which is the undeniable truth hidden in every human consciousness without any gender differences.

with my Kaahsh, there is no desire where love is at it’s purest and truest form.

with my Villa Anandaram and Kaahsh my world is filled with earthly pleasures and elated bliss which contributes the spiritual quest to unfold the sense of strongest desire of brotherhood.

taking the journey inwards in a consciousness level it’s an amazing experience of oneness,

and the Cupid came my way, not in ‘whole’ or not in ‘nothingness’ but as ‘oneness’.

therefore I perceive life in a bigger picture , that my Villa Anandaram is my eternal desire of brotherhood , my Pot of Wisdom is my eternal romantic desire and my DiosRaw is my eternal maternal desire and my Kaahsh is my eternal twin.

Desire flowers the moment you create the image

Though desire flowers the moment one creates an image, I understand that there should be the negative which is the memory of that desire in the awareness to match the image in rational thinking, isn’t it?

I strongly disagree that the ‘memory’ of (the negative) desire has trace of ‘desire’ for not all memories are desire.

The memory of desire is from the most ‘truest’  form of awareness which is from conscience.I am sure you live from conscience and you could resonate this. Here there is no pursuit of pleasure; which is the desire that is the pleasure by ‘own’ing. 

Of course, as JK insists the desire needs a thought which is from the ‘mind’ and not necessarily from awareness and that which is related to image. 

In simple terms, I could say that , the negative which is the thought from absolute awareness is developed when the thought from the mind clicks with the image it sense with  the help of wisdom which again is the voice of conscience.

the uniquely coded one power!! ~ ஒரே à®‰à®£à®°à¯à®µà¯

Mr & Mrs Romantically Wisdom

We share our heart of consciousness ,the ‘conscience’ that we are inseparable companions who inherit uniquely coded “power of spirit” from the cosmic consciousness, which bound us together in life and death at wholeness even distance apart. This is the profound meaning of the eternal romantic desire, the tale old as time.

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